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We are excited to announce that since our last update, we have completed many of the interim works to our new centre on Prestwick Road, Ayr and are now providing counselling, complementary therapies and group support from the centre.

Our children and young people’s (CYP) space provides a bespoke area within which we offer our vital CYP support services; our group room hosts fortnightly arts & crafts peer support groups; and additionally, we have completely renovated and furnished a counselling room and complementary therapy room.

A sincere thank you to all our sponsors and supporters who have contributed to our build project and to the region’s only dedicated complete support facility for children and young people affected by cancer.

While the original part of our centre has been transformed, original sandstone restored, windows replaced and major roof repairs carried out, we remain far from completion. We continue to raise more funds so that the main building project can begin.

If you think you can help raise funds for Ayrshire Cancer Support’s free services, or if you can help raise funds for our new building, please call: 01292 269888

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