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Build Progress

Learn more about where we are with the build of our new Home 4 Cancer center, and what still needs to be completed.

 We have made some fantastic progress with the build thanks to our generous donors, but we aren’t quite there yet. We still need your help to ensure we can complete this vital project, which will help families across Ayrshire who are dealing with cancer. 

Phase 1 – Purchase Phase 


The first phase of the Home 4 Cancer build was to complete the purchase of the building that we plan to transform into our new Home 4 Cancer centre in Ayr. Thanks to the help of our generous donors we managed to raise enough funds to complete the purchase of the building. Now its time for us to begin the build!

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Phase 2 – Main Building Renovation

This phase involves ensuring that the new, main building is structurally sound before conducting renovation works which will make the building suitable to provide vital cancer services. The main renovation works include; the removal of paint on the exterior of the building, replacing the roof, replacing the windows, and brick and stonework restoration. Currently, a large section of the main building has been successfully renovated and we are now able to run children & young people services out of it.

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Phase 3 – Extension Build

The final stage of the project is to build the glass extension at the rear of the main building which will house our etch for life hope gallery and further spaces that will allow us to provide vital services to people who are living with cancer.

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